MythoMist 7b

MythoMist 7b is a groundbreaking experiment in the realm of large language models (LLMs). Unlike most LLMs focused on general tasks, MythoMist 7b tackles a specific pain point in the world of AI-powered roleplay: the overuse of certain words that can detract from the experience.

MythoMist 7b Key Features

  1. MythoMist uses a Merging ApproachMythoMist 7b is a unique blend of 12 different models, combined using a novel merging process that prioritizes user-defined goals
  2. Can be used to Roleplay Unlike most general-purpose LLMs, MythoMist 7b specifically aims to improve AI-powered roleplay experiences by minimizing repetitive or immersion-breaking words.
  3. Open Source and Available: MythoMist 7b is free to use for everyone.
  4. Optimized for Extended Responses MythoMist 7b prioritizes the Toppy-M-7B component to encourage generation of longer and more detailed responses in roleplay contexts.