How to Recover Deleted Messages on Character AI

07 July, 2023 Admin AI
Interacting with Character AI, a powerful tool that allows you to create and speak with advanced AI characters, is one such experience. However, if you delete a communication by accident, you may question if it can be recovered.

The good news is that Character AI does save your chat history, so you can usually recover deleted messages. In this blog article, we'll look at different ways and techniques for recovering deleted messages on Character AI.

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Recover deleted messages

Here are a few ways to do it:
  1. Check the Recycle Bin: Character AI has a feature equivalent to a computer's recycle bin. When you delete a message, it is frequently saved in the recycling bin for a set length of time. Follow these methods to reach the recycle bin on Character AI:
  2. Use the Search Function Character AI includes a robust search function that allows you to identify individual messages based on keywords, senders, or dates. If you remember anything about the deleted messages, you can utilise the search option to find them.
  3. Use the "Remove Messages" button. If you only recently deleted a message, you can restore it by clicking the "Remove Messages" button. Simply click the three dots next to the message you want to restore and choose "Remove Messages." Then, from the option that opens, choose "Restore".
  4. Contact Character AI Support: If you are unable to recover the deleted messages using the methods described above or encounter any issues, it is preferable to contact Character AI support for assistance. The support team is well-equipped to deal with such circumstances and may have additional resources or methods to assist you in recovering your deleted messages. Contact details and a support portal are usually available on the Character AI website or within the software itself. For a better possibility of successful recovery, give them with any relevant information about the deleted messages.
Please keep in mind that none of these approaches guarantee that you will be able to retrieve deleted messages. However, if you have crucial texts to return, it is worth a shot.


Here are some more recommendations for retrieving deleted messages on Character AI.

When deleting messages, use caution. It is preferable to leave a message in your chat history if you are unsure whether you want to remove it or not.

Keep regular backups of your chat history. In the event that something bad happens to your computer or browser, this will make it simpler to recover erased communications.

As soon as you can, use a third-party data recovery programme. The likelihood that you can recover your deleted messages decreases the longer you wait.

Remember that if you accidentally remove messages while using Character AI, you can recover them. For recent deletions, utilise the "Remove Messages" option, clear your browser cache for messages deleted a while ago, or use a third-party data recovery tool for more challenging cases. With these methods at your disposal, you can recover crucial communications while continuing to enjoy your Character AI experience.