Toppy M 7B

A wild 7B parameter model that merges several models using the new task_arithmetic merge method from mergekit. List of merged models: NousResearch/Nous-Capybara-7B-V1.9
#merge #uncensored

Toppy Key Features

  1. Large Language Model (LLM): With 7 billion parameters, Toppy M 7B falls under the category of large language models, capable of various tasks like text
  2. Merged Model:It's not a single model, but rather a combination of several strong models like NousResearch/Nous-Capybara-7B-V1.9 and
  3. Multiple Model Sizes: Choose from various model sizes (2B and 7B parameters) depending on your desired capabilities and available resources.
  4. Potentially NSFW Content: The #uncensored tag and the mention of merged models like "Vulkane/120-Days-of-Sodom-LoRA-Mistral-7b" suggest it might generate explicit content. Use it cautiously.