Nous: Capybara 7B

Nous Capybara is a collection of datasets and LLMs created by Nous Research. They fine-tune pre-trained models like Mistral 7B on custom data and use unalignment techniques for better performance and control. Version 1.9 suggests a specific version within the Capybara series potentially with improvements over earlier versions.

Nous: Capybara 7B Key Features

  1. Free to Use
  2. Multi-Turn Conversation Mastery Capybara 7B excels at extended, meaningful conversations. It can remember past interactions within a 4,096 context window, allowing for natural flow and continuity across multiple turns.
  3. Fine-Tuned In-House DataThe Capybara series is unique in its use of in-house created data for fine-tuning, specifically focused on conversational scenarios.
  4. Deep Understanding This model demonstrates an ability to discuss and analyze intricate concepts, making it suitable for philosophical explorations and self-improvement applications.