Gemma is a family of state-of-the-art, lightweight open-source models built by Google AI, drawing inspiration from the powerful Gemini models. Designed for innovation and accessibility, Gemma empowers developers to create next-generation AI solutions.

Gemma Key Features

  1. Open-Source and Lightweight: This model can Run on your own hardware, mobile devices, or hosted services. Their smaller size makes them ideal for deployment in resource-constrained environments.
  2. Customizable and Tunable: Gemma was Fine-tuned using various techniques to specialize them for specific tasks. This allows you to create targeted generative AI solutions tailored to your needs.
  3. Text Generation Powerhouse: Gemma excels at tasks like text summarization, question answering, and creative writing.
  4. Multiple Model Sizes: Choose from various model sizes (2B and 7B parameters) depending on your desired capabilities and available resources.
  5. Flexible Deployment Options: Deploy Gemma models on platforms like TensorFlow, JAX, and PyTorch using the built-in implementations or the Keras 3.0 multi-backed feature.
  6. Pre-trained and Instruction-Tuned Versions: Select from pre-trained models for broader applications or instruction-tuned versions optimized for conversational interactions.
  7. Rich Learning Resources: Explore a suite of tutorials and guides to get started with Gemma, including text generation examples, LoRA tuning techniques, and distributed training tutorials.
  8. Kaggle and Vertex AI Integration: Download Gemma models from Kaggle Models or deploy them on Vertex AI for easy access and integration.