Janitor AI Error Parsing Message
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Janitor AI Error Saving Messages: How to Fix It

29 September, 2023 Admin AI


Janitor AI is a remarkable tool designed to streamline your workflow by efficiently generating text, translating languages, and writing creative content from multiple niches. But like any other software, it might encounter issues during its operation. One of these issues is the "Error saving messages" error which could hinder your user experience and productivity. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons behind this error, how to fix it, and precautionary measures to avoid encountering this issue.

Possible Causes of the Error Saving Messages

  1. problems within the Janitor AI system.
  2. Issues with your user account.
  3. Usage of an outdated version of Janitor AI.
  4. Incompatibility with your browser.
  5. Submission of a message that exceeds the character limit.
  6. Attempting to send a message containing prohibited content.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Error Saving Messages

  Janitor AI Error Parsing Message
Janitor AI error saving message screenshot
  1. Refresh the page: Doing this could resolve minor technical glitches.
  2. Use a different browser: Janitor AI is compatible with all major browsers; however, switching to another browser might improve the software's performance.
  3. Update Janitor AI: Make sure you are using the most recent version of the platform. To verify this, visit the Janitor AI website and access the "Help" menu.
  4. Shorten your message: Janitor AI's message limit is 1,000 characters. If your text surpasses this limit, consider breaking it down into separate messages.
  5. Remove the prohibited content: The software does not support messages containing NSFW material, violence, or hate speech. Eradicating such content from your text should allow it to be saved.
  6. Contact Janitor AI support: If the error persists, reach out to the support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

Preventative Measures to Avoid the Error Saving Messages on Janitor AI

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    Refrain from submitting overly long messages: Opt for multiple shorter messages instead of risking errors with excessively lengthy texts.
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    Avoid prohibited content: To ensure your message will be saved, do not include any of the restricted materials elucidated above. If in doubt, contact the Janitor AI support team for clarification.
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    Maintain a stable internet connection: Unstable connectivity can often cause issues when it comes to saving messages on the platform.
  4. Properly configure reverse proxies: If you are utilizing a reverse proxy, ensure it is set up correctly. Incorrect configuration could lead to a variety of errors, including the error saving messages issue.


While Janitor AI is an invaluable tool for generating content and managing tasks, it may occasionally exhibit issues like the "Error saving messages" error. The troubleshooting steps and preventative measures in this guide should help you effortlessly resolve this problem, ensuring a smooth user experience and enabling you to reap the benefits of this powerful software. Should you continue facing difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to the Janitor AI support team for professional guidance and assistance.


  1. What is the Janitor AI Error Parsing Message error?

    Janitor AI Error Parsing Message error is a general error that can occur when Janitor AI is unable to parse the message you sent. This can happen for a variety of causes, including The message is in a format that Janitor AI does not recognize.

  2. What Janitor ai error saving messages?

    The Janitor AI error saving messages problem occurs when Janitor AI is unable to save the messages that you have sent. This can occur for a variety of causes, including Janitor AI is having a technical problem. There is an issue with your account.

  3. What is Janitor ai error failed to fetch?

    Janitor AI error failed to fetch is a general error that occurs when Janitor AI is unable to retrieve the data required to finish a task. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:
    Janitor AI is having a technical problem. There is also an issue with your internet connection.

  4. Why is there a type error in Janitor ai?

    There are several probable causes for a type error in Janitor AI:
    Janitor AI's input is not in an acceptable format. Janitor AI expects input in one of several formats, including plain text, HTML, and Markdown. Janitor AI will throw a type error if the input is not in a valid format.
    The code generated by Janitor AI is invalid. Janitor AI can generate code in a number of different programming languages. If the code generated by Janitor AI is invalid, it will throw a type error.

  5. Janitor ai type error meaning?

    Caused by data that is in an incorrect format and data that contains invalid characters. A type error in Janitor AI means that the AI is unable to understand the type of data that it is being given.