Use DALL-E 2 without credits

8 platforms where DALL-E is free to use

30 August, 2023 Admin AI


In recent years, the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning have made amazing strides, resulting in the development of tools and models that push the limits of human ingenuity. DALL-E, a revolutionary model created by OpenAI, is one such example. DALL-E is a GPT-3 model version that creates visuals from textual descriptions. While DALL-E has mostly been employed for for-profit commercial endeavours, there are ways to make advantage of its creative potential for no cost. This post will examine how to use DALL-E without spending a fortune.

Exploring DALL-E: How to Harness its Creative Power for Free

This tutorial will demonstrate how to utilise IQChat to make photos for free. We'll also give you some pointers on how to get the most out of IQChat.

Understanding DALL-E

A neural network model called DALL-E, which combines the words "Dali" (relating to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali) and "Wall-E," the lovable robot from the animated feature, is capable of producing original visuals based on textual stimuli. It is intended to convert a variety of written descriptions into coherent and culturally appropriate images, effectively turning text into visuals.

8 platforms where DALL-E is free to use

Although DALL-E was initially only usable with premium API services, there are a number of methods and alternatives that let you make use of its features without paying a lot of money:

  1. IQChat App : The IQChat apps gives users the ability to turn their written descriptions into enthralling visual representations.
      IQChat Generate images

    Try IQChat Image Generator for free no credits required
  2. OpenAI Playground and Demos: You can test out DALL-E's capabilities on the playground provided by OpenAI. Although it might not give as much control as the API, this is a wonderful place to start if you want to explore the model's artistic outputs without spending any money.
  3. Research Platforms: Keep a watch on open-source initiatives and research platforms that aim to imitate DALL-E's features. Pre-trained models and code are frequently made available by the AI research community for experimentation with DALL-E-like image production.
  4. Colab Notebooks: Platforms such as Google Colab allow free access to GPUs, which are essential for executing resource-intensive models such as DALL-E. Some researchers and developers may share Colab notebooks demonstrating how to utilise DALL-E, making it available to others without powerful gear.
  5. Online Communities: Join AI and machine learning-focused internet forums, subreddits, and social media communities. These groups frequently contribute materials, lessons, and even code snippets that might help you use DALL-E without paying for access.
  6. Educational Institutions: If you are a student or have access to the resources of an educational institution, you may discover that they provide access to tools like DALL-E for educational purposes. Check to see if your university has licences for AI models and tools that you can utilise.
  7. Collaborations: Collaborate with those who have DALL-E access. They might be eager to help you create images for your projects, especially if they find the notion appealing.

How to Use Image Generator with Iqchat App

If you're looking to DALL-E's image generation into your projects, consider using Iqchat app: this guide explain how to use IQChat to create images from text(prompts)

  1. Open the Iqchat app and navigate to the Category Section, then open AI image generator section.
      IQChat Generate images

  2. Click Surprise me or Enter a descriptive textual prompt for the image you want to generate.
      IQChat Generate images

  3. Utilize the built-in AI Art creator to create an image that aligns with your textual input.
  4. Experiment with different prompts and see how AI Art creator translates your words into visually stunning images.

Limitations and Ethical Considerations

While having free access to DALL-E can encourage creativity, it's vital to be aware of some restrictions. Compared to the full API version, free access frequently means limited functionality. When employing DALL-E's outputs, be mindful of other ethical issues such copyright violations, improper use of generated content, and data privacy problems.


DALL-E is an amazing advancement in AI-driven creativity that enables users to visualise their textual thoughts in novel ways. While using the official DALL-E API to access all of its features is expensive, there are still ways to test out this ground-breaking approach for free using the options listed above. You may unleash DALL-E's creative and artistic potential without spending a lot of money by investigating these options and working with like-minded people. Keep in mind to use technology properly, upholding both moral principles and other people's intellectual property rights.


  1. Is DALL-E 2 free?

    No, DALL-E 2 is not currently available for free. However, there are a few free alternatives available, such as Craiyon (formerly known as DALL-E mini).

  2. How can I use DALL-E 2 for free?

    There are a few ways to use DALL-E 2 for free. One way is to use a free trial. OpenAI offers a free trial of DALL-E 2 that gives you 50 credits to generate images. Once you have used up your free credits, you will need to purchase more credits.

  3. What are the limitations of using DALL-E 2 for free?

    The free use of DALL-E 2 has some restrictions. The first restriction is a monthly credit cap of 50. Second, due to a strong demand for the service, there may be a queue to utilise DALL-E 2. Thirdly, the quality of the photographs produced might not be as high as the quality of the images produced with bought credits.

  4. What is the future of DALL-E 2?

    DALL-E 2 is still under development, but it has the potential to be a powerful tool for creativity and innovation. OpenAI is constantly working to improve DALL-E 2, and it is likely that the service will become more powerful and accessible in the future.

  5. Is there a way to get more free credits for DALL-E 2?

    No, there is not currently a way to obtain more DALL-E 2 free credits. But in the future, OpenAI might give away additional free credits.

  6. What are the alternatives to DALL-E 2?

    There are a few alternatives to DALL-E 2. Some of these alternatives are free, while others require paid subscriptions. Here are a few of the most popular alternatives:
    * Craiyon (formerly known as DALL-E mini)
    * Imagen
    * Parti
    * Midjourney
    * BigGAN
    * Imagen V4
    * IQCHat AI Art