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How to Use Baidu Ernie Bot A Beginner's Guide

04 September, 2023 Admin AI
Baidu Ernie Bot

Baidu created Ernie Bot, an AI chatbot. Although it is still in progress, it has already learned to answer questions, write various types of creative content, and translate languages.

Baidu Ernie Bot is a strong artificial intelligence chatbot that can do a range of jobs, including:

  1. Creating text, translating languages, writing all types of creative material, and providing helpful answers to your questions.
  2. Customer service and assistance are provided.
  3. Making educational material.
  4. Creating marketing collateral.

In this guide You will be able to utilise Baidu Ernie Bot to do a range of activities and increase your productivity at the conclusion of this guide.

Here are the steps on how to use Baidu Ernie Bot

Currently, users in China with a Chinese mobile phone number can visit the Ernie Bot website. The website, on the other hand, will most likely be made available to the general public in the near future.

  1. Go to the Baidu Ernie Bot website or download the app from the app store

    Ernie bot Baidu url link is Ernie Bot's official webpage. Users in China with Chinese mobile phone numbers are the only ones who can access it at the moment. The website is anticipated to be made available to the general public soon.

  2. Create an account and sign in.
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  3. Begin by asking a question. For example, you could ask, "What is the capital of China?" Alternatively, "How do I make a cake?"
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  4. You may also utilise Baidu Ernie Bot to generate text, translate languages, and create many types of creative material.
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To summarise, Baidu Ernie Bot is a smart AI chatbot that can perform a wide range of jobs. This article has taught you the fundamentals of using Baidu Ernie Bot, such as how to establish an account, ask questions, and use the various features. I hope you found this guide useful. If you have any further queries, please share them in the comments section below.


  1. Is the Ernie Bot website available to the public?

    No, for now only Chinese citizens with Chinese cell phone numbers may access the Ernie Bot website. The website should soon be made available to everyone in the world.

  2. How can I access Ernie Bot if I am not in China?

    Through the Baidu app, you can access Ernie Bot. Open the Baidu app and look for "Ernie Bot" to do this. The search results will show the Ernie Bot app. Open the Ernie Bot app by tapping on the icon.

  3. How do I create an account for Ernie Bot?

    You must access the Ernie Bot website or launch the Baidu app to register for an account. Once on the Ernie Bot website or app, select "Sign Up" from the menu. Name, email, and password are required. Next, select "Create Account" from the menu.

  4. I am having trouble logging in to Ernie Bot. What should I do?

    Ensure that your email address and password are entered correctly if you are experiencing problems logging in to Ernie Bot. You might also try deleting your web browser's cookies and cache. You can ask for help from Baidu customer service if you are still having issues.