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How to Send Pics on Character AI

05 September, 2023 Admin AI

Character AI is a powerful artificial intelligence language model that may be used to create and chat with virtual characters. You can send pictures to your Character AI in addition to text. This might be an excellent method to exchange ideas, memories, or simply have fun.

How to send pics on character ai guide

Follow these steps to send an image to your Character AI:

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  1. Open the Character AI app or website. Make sure that you are talking with your virtual character and that the Character AI application or website is active.
  2. Start a conversation with your Character. Start a dialogue: Type a message in the chat box to begin a dialogue with your character AI, if you haven't already.
  3. In the chat window, select the + button. You'll see a small plus (+) button in the conversation box. It will open up more choices when you click on it.    pic  descriptions Screenshot + icon for pic uplod Screenshot
  4. Select "Upload Image". Choose "Upload Image" from the menu that displays. When you do this procedure, you will be prompted to select an image file from your device.    pic  descriptions Screenshot upload pic uplod Screenshot
  5. Choose the image you want to send. On you device file directory or gallery to find the image you want to send.
  6. Provide description of the image, but this is option. however, it can be helpful to provide a brief description or context for the image, while it is not needed to do so. This explanation will help your character's AI understand how the image relates to the dialogue.    pic  descriptions Screenshot pic descriptions Screenshot
  7. Click on "Send". Now, our Character will see the picture in the chat window. It will ask you about the picture, or they might just react to it whatever they choose.
       chatgpt-enterprise features send pic Screenshot

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In this blog article, we learned how to send photos on Character AI. By following the procedures indicated in this post, you may quickly share photographs with your Character AI, whether to demonstrate a point, generate a dialogue, or simply have some fun.


  1. Can I send images to my Character AI on the web or mobile app?

    Yes, both the online and mobile apps allow you to transmit photographs to your Character AI.

  2. What is the maximum file size for images?

    is 10 mb

  3. What formats are supported for images?

    I found that Character AI support JPG, PNG, and GIF Format of images.

  4. Can I only send photographs that I own or have permission to use?

    Yeah! you can send only images that you own or have permission to use.

  5. What happens if I send an image that is very large or unsupported format?

    If you try to submit a picture that is too large or in an unsupported format, it will fail and you will receive an error notice.

  6. What if I have trouble sending images to my Character AI?

    If you're having difficulties sending images to your Character AI, try alternate fixes or get in touch with Character AI support.

  7. can character ai send links

    Yes, Character AI can share links.