Character  AI   download chats

How to Download Character AI Chat

18 August, 2023 Admin AI
Character AI download chats

Character AI is a powerful artificial intelligence chat bot that allows you to converse with imaginary characters. However, there is no official means to download Character AI chat at the moment. You can, however, store your chat history and character information in the following methods.

How to Download Character AI Chat

Two method that you can use to download character ai chat are as follow.

  1. Manually copy the text. Copy the text by hand. This is the easiest method. Simply click anywhere in your chat and then hit Ctrl+A on your keyboard. This will select all of the text without requiring you to highlight it all with your pointer. The copied text can then be pasted into a Google Doc, Word document, or notes for future reference.
      Character  AI   download chats
  2. Use a Chrome extension.Make use of a Chrome extension. CAI Tools is a Chrome extension that allows you to download conversation logs and character settings. The extension is available for download from the Chrome Web Store. After installing the extension, go to the Character AI website and click on the CAI Tools button in your browser's toolbar. The extension will then provide a menu with options, including the opportunity to retrieve your conversation history.


To summarise, there are now two methods for downloading Character AI chat. You can either copy the text manually or utilise the CAI Tools addon. The optimal approach for you will be determined by your preferences and requirements. If you want the most straightforward option, manually copying the text is the way to go. If you prefer a more automated solution, the CAI Tools extension is the better choice.

Whatever method you use, it is critical to store your conversation history if you want to maintain it for a long time. Character AI does not keep your chat history indefinitely, therefore you must ensure that it is backed up.


  1. Is there an official way to download Character AI chat?

    No, there is currently no official way to download Character AI chat. However, you can save your chat history and character details in the following ways: Manually copy the text. Use a Chrome extension called CAI Tools.

  2. What if I don't want to use a Chrome extension?

    Debug mode prints a variety of information to the console, including: You can manually copy the text of your chat history if you don't want to utilise a Chrome plugin. Follow these steps to accomplish this:
    Launch your browser and go to the Character AI website.
    Select any location in the chat history.
    To select all of the text, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A.
    To copy the text, use your keyboard's Ctrl+C shortcut.
    Copy the text and paste it into a Word or Google Doc so you can access it later.

  3. How long does Character AI store chat history?

    Chat history is not kept indefinitely by character AI. Depending on the user's preferences, different lengths of time are assigned to the storage of chat history. However, if you want to maintain your chat history for a long time, it is typically advised to store it manually.

  4. What are the benefits of downloading Character AI chat?

    Debug mode has some limitations, including: The use of Character AI chat has many advantages. These consist of:
    Your chat history will be kept for a very long time.
    Your chat history is accessible to others.
    Your chat history might be used for creative or research projects.