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How to use action command in Character AI

10 August, 2023 Admin AI

Character AI is a useful tool for creating realistic and interesting stories. Including actions is one method to make your narrative more realistic. Actions can help to bring your characters to life and add excitement to your story.

What does character in action mean?

An action is a literary and narrative concept that refers to how a character's personality is shown via their actions. When a character in a tale takes action, it reveals something about their personality. Their acts can provide information about their values, beliefs, goals, and intentions. They can also expose their fears and desires, as well as their talents and limitations.
For instance, it tells us about a character's laziness or risk-aversion if they consistently choose the easy path. We can tell that a character is kind and sympathetic if they are always prepared to lend a hand. It reveals a character's strength of character and determination if they are constantly standing up for what they believe in.

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Writing an Action in Character AI

However, you can quote the action differently than the rest of the text by using brackets or asterisks. For instance, you could write:

(I wave my hand.) Or
*I wave my hand.*
The AI will pick up on this and will respond in the same style. You can also default to actions and just use quotes around direct speech, to make it look more like a story. For example, you could write:
"I wave my hand," I said.

asterisks, and hyphens can also be used to indicate actions in Character ai. Asterisks: Asterisks can be used to indicate actions that are performed by the character, but are not explicitly described. For example, you could write:
*I walk to the door.*

Note: You can use hyphens (-) in place of asterisks for actions and thoughts.

The AI will recognise that you are describing an action and will answer appropriately.

how to write an action in Character AI

  1. Be specific.

    When you are writing an action, be as specific as possible. This will help the AI to visualize the action and respond accordingly. For example, instead of saying "I move," say "I walk to the door."

  2. Use action verbs.

    Action verbs are verbs that describe physical actions, such as walk, run, jump, and climb. Using action verbs will help to make your actions more vivid and engaging.

  3. Use vivid language.

    The more vivid your language, the more the AI will be able to visualize the action you are describing. For example, instead of saying "I pick up the book," say "I reach out and grasp the book with my shaking hands."

  4. Use emotion.

    Actions can be performed with different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. Use emotion in your descriptions to make the action more realistic and engaging.

  5. Use formatting. You can use formatting to help the AI to understand what type of action you are describing. For example, you can use italics to indicate an internal action, and asterisks to indicate an external action.
  6. Be consistent.

    Once you have established a style for writing actions, be consistent with it. This will help the AI to understand your intentions and respond accordingly.


If you've done everything and Character AI is still repeating words, you can contact the Character AI support staff for assistance. They may be able to offer more help or suggestions.

It should be noted that Character AI is currently in development and is far from ideal. It is likely that Character AI will occasionally repeat words or phrases. However, the suggestions above should assist to lessen the occurrence of this problem.


  1. What is an action in Character AI?

    In Character AI, an action is a description of something that a character performs. Physical actions include walking, running, and jumping. Internal processes include thinking, emotion, and remembering.

  2. How can I make my actions more realistic and engaging in Character AI?

    to make your actions more realistic and engaging in Character AI: Use specific and vivid language.
    Use action verbs.
    Add emotion to your descriptions.
    Use formatting to help the AI understand what type of action you are describing.
    Be consistent with your style of writing actions.

  3. What are some examples of actions that I can write in Character AI?

    Here are some examples of actions that you can write in Character AI:
    Internal actions:
    I feel happy.
    I am sad.
    I am angry.
    I am scared.
    I am thinking about my next move.
    I am trying to remember something.
    External actions:
    I walk to the door.
    I pick up the book.
    I run down the street.
    I jump over the fence.
    I climb the tree.
    I smile at the stranger.
    I cry tears of joy.
    I scream in anger.
    I shiver with fear.

  4. What is the difference between an action and a thought in Character AI?

    An action is something that a character does physically. A thought is something that a character thinks or feels.