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How to delete room in Character AI

13 August, 2023 Admin AI
Character AI del room

Character AI is a special tool that lets you make and talk with AI characters in a pretend world on the computer. But sometimes, you might want to remove a room you don't need anymore.

Imagine this: you've been using Character AI to bring your virtual characters to life, having conversations and interactions. It's been fun, but now you have a room that's not needed anymore. So, what do you do?

If you want to keep the messages stored in the room but don't want to see the room anymore, you have an option. It's like putting something away in a secret drawer – no one can see it, but it's still there if you need it.

How to delete Character ai rooms

Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Go to the Chats tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to the Rooms section.

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  3. Click the Edit button next to the room that you want to delete.

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  4. Click the X button next to the room.

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  5. Click the Delete button to confirm.

    and the room will be deleted.

If you follow these steps, the room will be gone in no time. Just remember, all the messages sent in that room will also disappear.


After you've completed these instructions, poof! The room has vanished. It's almost like magic. But remember this: all of the texts you and your AI characters sent in that room? They'll vanish along with the room. So, if those texts were like priceless memories, save them before pushing the delete button.

To summarise, Character AI is a fun approach to interact with AI characters in a virtual world. But if you have a room that has fulfilled its purpose and has to be deleted, just follow these steps: click to the Chats page, identify the room, edit, X, and delete. It's similar to organising your virtual environment to make way for new adventures.

Finally, employing Character AI to construct and govern virtual worlds is a creative and exciting endeavour. Remember that removing a room means saying goodbye to all the messages contained within it. So, make sensible choices to keep the virtual world bustling with intriguing dialogues and interactions.


  1. Can I delete a room that I didn't create?

    No, you can only delete rooms that you have created. You cannot delete rooms that have been created by other users.

  2. What happens if I delete a room that is currently in use?

    If you delete a room that is currently in use, the users in the room will be disconnected.

  3. Can I delete multiple rooms at once?

    Yes, you can delete multiple rooms at once by selecting them all and clicking the Delete button.

  4. What happens to the messages in a room when I delete it?

    The messages in a room will be deleted when the room is deleted. If you want to keep the messages, you can make the room private instead.

  5. How do I make a room private?

    To make a room private, follow these guide