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How to Delete Janitor AI Chats

29 July, 2023 Admin AI

With its engaging experiences and interactive AI characters, Janitor AI is a remarkable platform that has captured users' attention. However, as with any technology, there may occasionally be hiccups and mistakes. The iconic "Server is busy" error message is one such annoying blip that could block our attempts to connect with the magical realm of Janitor AI. But don't worry! You can troubleshoot and solve this problem using few doable procedures.


With the help of the amazing application Janitor AI, users may easily produce a variety of inventive text formats. It offers a wide range of possibilities, whether you have used it to write poems, code, screenplays, music, emails, or letters. There may be instances, though, where you need to remove a communication. In this article, we will show you how to delete Janitor AI chats in just a few easy steps and offer some insightful advice on how to handle your talks efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Janitor AI Chats

  1. Sign in to Your Janitor AI Account

    Visit the Janitor AI website and sign into your account with your login information to access your chats.

  2. Navigate to "My Chats" Tab

    After logging in, go for and select the "My Chats" page. All of the chats you have created with Janitor AI are shown in this area.

     Janitor AI Delete chats
  3. Locate the Chat to be Deleted

    Find the individual discussion you wish to remove by scrolling through your list of conversations. As deleted chats cannot be restored, take your time to be sure you choose the correct one.

     Janitor AI Delete chats
  4. Click on the "Delete" Button

    Click "Delete" once you have located the chat you want to end. To make sure you actually want to proceed with the deletion, a confirmation window will occur.

  5. Confirm the Deletion

    Verify your choice a second time, then confirm the deletion. The conversation and all of its messages will be promptly erased from your account after you confirm.

Additional Considerations befrore deleting Janitor AI chats

  • Deleting Your Own Chats Only

    It is important to keep in mind that only chats that you have directly generated can be deleted. You cannot remove chats created by other users from your account.

  • Irreversible Deletion

    A chat cannot be recovered after it has been erased. Before deleting the chat, be certain that you really want to do so.

Tips for Effective Chat Management

  • Deleting Sensitive Information

    Consider deleting those specific messages before deciding to delete the entire chat if it contains sensitive information or messages that you want to eliminate. You can save the remaining chat's material in this method.

  • Archive Chats Instead of Deleting

    IIf you no longer require a chat but do not want to lose its information forever, think about archiving it. When you archive a chat, it disappears from your list of currently active chats, but you can still view it at a later time. This is a useful method for cleaning up your conversation list while retaining important information.


Janitor AI is a fantastic tool for producing imaginative messages, but it is critical to understand how to handle your discussions successfully. You may quickly delete undesirable chats from your Janitor AI account by following the straightforward instructions provided in this blog. Always use caution while deleting chats because it cannot be undone. If you want to keep the content of a chat accessible without having it clog up your list of active chats, you might also think about archiving the chat. You may use Janitor AI to the fullest extent while keeping your desk neat for your creative activities if you keep these suggestions in mind.