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How to Use Auto GPT God Mode AI

Auto GPT is a potent AI technology that may be used to automate activities, generate text, and produce content. It is constructed on top of the two most potent AI models currently accessible, Auto GPT and Baby AGI. Even non-programmers can use god Mode AI thanks to its user-friendly online interface.

What is god mode auto gpt?

Auto GPT God Mode is an advanced AI tool that operates on full autopilot, surpassing its predecessors in capabilities and functionality. Built upon the foundation of Chat GPT, this revolutionary chatbot can independently complete tasks, assign new tasks, search the web, and generate entire text documents with research analysis and schedules.

This open-source Python application is powered by GPT-4 and was created by Significant Gravitas and published on GitHub on March 30, 2023. It can carry out activities with little assistance from a human.

How to Use Auto GPT God Mode AI on Windows

Even though it is based on ChatGPT's structure, Auto-GPT differs from its predecessor in that it has a feature that ChatGPT does not: the ability to make judgements on its own. It may self-prompt and generate each and every prompt needed to finish a task.

In this article, we will delve into the features of Auto GPT God Mode and provide a comprehensive guide on utilising its powerful capabilities.


Before diving into the world of Auto GPT God Mode AI, ensure you have the following:

  1. A Windows PC: This guide focuses on using Auto GPT God Mode AI on the Windows platform.
  2. Stable Internet Connection: Since the AI operates online, a reliable internet connection is essential.
  3. Web Browser: Any modern web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  4. OpenAI Account: You need an active account on the OpenAI platform to access the God Mode AI.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Step 1: Install Python and Pip

    Begin by installing the latest version of Python from the official website. If you are using Windows, make sure to enable the "Add python.exe to PATH" option during installation. This will allow you to run Python commands from the command prompt.

  2. Step 2: Install OpenAI, GPT Index, PyPDF2, and Gradio Libraries

    After installing Python, proceed to install the necessary libraries for Auto-GPT. These include the OpenAI library, GPT Index, PyPDF2, and Gradio. These libraries provide the essential tools for interacting with the AI, accessing data, and handling PDF files.

  3. Step 3: Download a Code Editor

    To work effectively with Auto-GPT, it's recommended to have a code editor installed on your computer. You can choose from a variety of options such as Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, or any other code editor that you are comfortable with.

  4. Step 4: Access the OpenAI Platform and Get Keys

    Log in to your OpenAI account and navigate to the platform. Here, you'll need to retrieve your API keys. These keys are essential for establishing a connection between your code and the Auto-GPT model. Follow the provided instructions to obtain your API keys.

  5. Step 5: Add API Keys to Use Auto-GPT

    In this step, you'll set up the crucial API keys that allow Auto-GPT to connect with external services and operate effectively. Follow these key actions:

    1. Download Auto-GPT Files: Visit the GitHub release page of Auto-GPT and download the ZIP file containing its components.
    2. Extract and Copy: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the "Auto-GPT" folder to a suitable location on your computer.
    3. Locate Configuration File: Open the copied "Auto-GPT" folder and find the ".env.template" file. This file holds essential configuration settings.
    4. Get OpenAI API Key: Create or log in to your OpenAI account. Generate an API key, which is necessary for Auto-GPT to communicate with OpenAI services.
    5. Paste API Key: Open the ".env.template" file using a text editor. Locate the "OPENAI_API_KEY" section and paste your OpenAI API key here.
    6. Set Up Register for a free account on, a platform that enhances memory retrieval for AI tasks.
    7. Generate API Key: Within your account, create an API key, giving it a relevant name like "autogpt."
    8. Copy Key Value: Copy the generated "Key Value" from; this key is essential for connecting Auto-GPT with services.
    9. Paste API Key: Return to the ".env.template" file and locate the "PINECONE_API_KEY" section. Paste the API key here.
    10. Set Environment Value: In, find the "Environment" value. Copy and paste this value next to the "PINECONE_ENV" section in the ".env.template" file.
    11. Save and Rename: Save the changes made to the ".env.template" file and rename it to ".env."

    By completing these steps, you've established the necessary API keys, enabling Auto-GPT to engage with external services and create meaningful interactions. Your configuration is now ready, taking you a step closer to harnessing the power of autonomous AI with Auto-GPT.

  6. Step 6: How to Use Auto-GPT on Your PC

    1. After adding the API keys, it’s time to run Auto-GPT. Right-click on the “Auto-GPT” folder and choose “Copy as path“.

     auto chatgpt

    2. Now, open the Terminal and type cd, add a space, and then paste the path you copied above. You can right-click on the Terminal to paste the path quickly. Next, press Enter, and you will move to the Auto-GPT folder. macOS and Linux users can simply right-click and open Terminal inside the folder itself.

     auto chatgpt

    3, cd path Install Auto-GPT on Windows, macOS, and Linux Once you are here, run the below command. It will automatically install all the required libraries to run Auto-GPT.

     auto chatgpt

    4. Next, pip install -r requirements.txt Install Auto-GPT on Windows, macOS, and Linux run the below command, and it will start Auto-GPT on your system.

     auto chatgpt

How to Use Auto-GPT on Your PC

  1. Auto-GPT will ask you to name the AI. Auto-GPT will ask you to name the AI on the initial run. For instance, I'm developing a tool called Shopper-GPT that can locate things on Amazon. Leave this area empty and press Enter if you don't want to build an AI for a specific use-case. By default, it loads the Entrepreneur-GPT name.
  2. Define the role of the AI.
     auto chatgpt
  3. Set goals for the autonomous AI one by one.
  4. Auto-GPT will start thinking and ask you to authorize actions. Press "y" and hit Enter to confirm.
  5. You can read what the AI is thinking, reasoning, and planning. It also provides criticism (kind of negative prompts) so that it comes up with the right kind of information. Finally, it performs the action.
  6. If you want to run the AI continuously without requiring user authorization, you can press "y -n" and hit Enter. Make sure to replace "n" with a number.
  7. Auto-GPT might automatically open Chrome to gather information from the internet.
  8. After completion of the task, you should find the final information under the Auto-GPT folder. Once you are here, open "auto_gpt_workspace".

    Because I was using the standard OpenAI API and the GPT-3.5 model, the model ran indefinitely. Auto-GPT was unable to produce the file for some reason. However, once the task is completed, you should locate the final information in the Auto-GPT folder. Open "auto_gpt_workspace" once you've arrived.

The journey towards Auto GPT God Mode began with the release of Chat GPT in December 2022. Subsequently, GPT-4 was introduced, followed by the development of Auto GPT, which required technical knowledge and installation on local computers. To make it more accessible, Agent GPT was created as a web-based version of Auto GPT, allowing anyone to use it without technical expertise.

god Mode takes the capabilities of Agent GPT to the next level, providing an even more powerful AI tool. Accessible through the website god mode.users can sign in and create a free account to explore its functionalities. While the free account offers limited features, users can eventually integrate it with OpenAI’s API, the foundation of Chat GPT, to unlock its full potential.

god mode Auto GPT AI features

Once signed in, users can input their desired task in the chat box. Unlike Chat GPT, God Mode doesn’t provide a single answer; instead, it formulates subtasks to achieve the given task. For instance, if the user wants to create a website dedicated to AI tools, god Mode might suggest tasks like researching the latest AI tools, designing and developing a user-friendly website, and creating informative content about each tool.

Auto gpt Approving and Executing Tasks:

After the subtasks are proposed, users can review and approve them. God Mode offers a step-by-step approach, allowing users to ensure that the AI is heading in the desired direction. If required, users can provide feedback to redirect the AI’s actions. This level of control ensures that the AI aligns with users’ intentions.

Auto gpt Generating Files and Documentation:

As god Mode progresses through the approved tasks, it generates files containing the results of its research and analysis. These files can be downloaded and reviewed by users. For instance, if the AI conducts a Google search to compile a list of the latest AI tools, it will save the results as a text document that users can access and download.

auto gpt Cost and Integration:

Auto GPT extends the limits of AI-generated writing with its God Mode option, providing unmatched creativity and precision. But how do you access this game-changing tool's potent features and install it?

Auto gpt login

Use these easy steps to install Auto GPT and unleash its full potential. To start, go to the official Auto GPT website ( and click the "Sign Up" button to register. Set up a strong password and enter the necessary data, including your name and email address. Once registered, you'll be added to waitlist for special access to Auto GPT online platform, where the magic happens.

While God Mode initially offers free access, users will eventually need to integrate it with OpenAI’s API for extended usage. This requires obtaining an API key from OpenAI’s website. Users can continue using the AI beyond the free usage limits by connecting the API key in God Mode’s settings.

It’s essential to monitor the usage to avoid exceeding the allotted limits and potential associated costs.

Simply go to the homepage and click the "Log In" button to log in to the Auto GPT website and start utilising God Mode. After entering your login information—your email address and password from when you registered—click "Submit."
You can explore the many features and choices once you've logged in and are in the Auto GPT dashboard. Get ready to discover Auto GPT's tremendous potential and see personally how it can revolutionise your writing efforts.

The capacity of GPT God Mode AI to learn is yet another outstanding feature. The more you use it, the more adept it becomes at anticipating your wants and carrying out activities to your satisfaction. This implies that if you utilise it more and more, the item may increase in value.

GPT God Mode AI has its limitations, of course. It is still being developed, so it occasionally makes mistakes. Additionally, keep in mind that you must exercise caution when using it because it is only a tool. GPT God Mode AI, on the other hand, can be a valuable tool for you provided you are prepared to invest the time and effort necessary to learn how to use it well.

Benefits of using GPT God Mode AI

  • Increased productivity: GPT God Mode AI can help you to save time and effort by completing tasks on autopilot.
  • Improved accuracy: GPT God Mode AI can help you to improve the accuracy of your work by providing feedback and suggestions.
  • Enhanced creativity: GPT God Mode AI can help you to generate new ideas and solutions.
  • Increased collaboration: GPT God Mode AI can help you to collaborate with others more effectively by providing a shared workspace for brainstorming and idea generation.


GPT God Mode AI is something to think about if you're searching for a potent new tool to help you get more done. GPT God Mode AI can be a useful tool for you because it can carry out tasks automatically, learn from its errors, and give feedback.