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18 August, 2023 Admin AI
Character AI Export

Character AI and TavernAI are two AI chat bots that allow you to have conversations with fictional characters. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses. Character AI is better at generating creative and imaginative text, while TavernAI is better at generating realistic and coherent text.


There is currently no way to export a Character AI to Tavern and write only the introduction. Tavern is a text-based adventure game where you can create your own character and explore a world full of stories. You can interact with other players, solve puzzles, and fight monsters.
However, Character AI is a tool that can help you generate realistic and unique characters. You can use it to create a character for your Tavern game, but you will need to write the introduction yourself.

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Embarking on a roleplaying adventure with character AI is an exciting endeavor. Here's how you can get started:

The procedure may appear difficult at first for those attempting to import a character from Character AI to TavernAI in order to combine the advantages of these two platforms. The user-friendly Chrome plugin CAI Tools, however, makes this transfer simple and painless. You can unlock a new level of conversational AI engagement by exporting your character from Character AI to TavernAI using the instructions in this article.

Exporting from Character AI using CAI Tools

  1. Install CAI Tools Extension: Begin by installing the CAI Tools extension from the Chrome Web Store. This handy tool serves as the bridge between Character AI and TavernAI, simplifying the export process.
  2. Access Character AI Website: Open your preferred browser and navigate to the Character AI website. Make sure you are using Google Chrome for the best compatibility.
  3. Activate CAI Tools: Look for the CAI Tools icon in your browser toolbar and give it a click. This action will initiate the export process.
  4. Select Export Character: Within the CAI Tools interface, locate and select the "Export Character" option. This will trigger the tool to prepare your character for export.
  5. Choose Character for Export: A list of characters you've created in Character AI will be presented. Choose the character you wish to export to TavernAI.
  6. Initiate Export: With your character selected, press the "Export" button. CAI Tools will then package your character's data into a .json file, ready for transfer.
  7. Save the .json File: The export process will prompt your browser to ask where you'd like to save the .json file. Choose a location on your computer that you can easily access.

Importing into TavernAI

Access TavernAI Website: Head over to the TavernAI website and log in to your account. Ensure that you are using the same browser in which you installed the CAI Tools extension.

Initiate Import: Look for the "+" or "Add Character" button, often found prominently on the TavernAI interface. Click on it to begin the import process.

Choose .json File: Navigate to the location where you saved the .json file from Character AI. Select this file to initiate the import process.

Character Transfer: The chosen character will be imported into TavernAI. The platform will process the character's data and integrate it within the TavernAI environment.

Utilize Your Character: Congratulations, your imported character is now a part of TavernAI's repertoire. Engage in conversations with your character just as you would with any other entity within the platform.

Tips and Considerations

  1. Preservation of Traits: Preservation of qualities: Your character's look and personality qualities will be preserved when exported from Character AI to TavernAI. This guarantees that you won't lose what makes your character special.
  2. Chat History Limitation: Character attributes are kept, but the character's chat history will not be exported. This is an essential distinction to make. Here, character traits—rather than previous interactions—are the main concern.
  3. Optimization for TavernAI: To ensure peak performance, be ready to modify and fine-tune TavernAI parameters for your character. Your character may need to be adjusted slightly in order to complement TavernAI's advantages.


The combination of Character AI and TavernAI is an example of how conversational AI has opened up intriguing new possibilities in our daily lives. You can easily export your character from Character AI using the CAI Tools extension and import it into TavernAI by following the straightforward instructions provided in this article. Through this method, you may make use of TavernAI's coherence and Character AI's inventive capabilities for more interesting and realistic interactions. Be mindful of the subtleties of the transfer procedure, such as the necessity for TavernAI fine-tuning and the conservation of character attributes. You're well on your way to developing engaging conversations and stories in a field where creativity and technology collide if you keep these things in mind. Enjoy your exploration of the various features of AI-driven discussions! Please get in touch if you need further help or if you have any questions.


  1. Can I export my Character AI character to TavernAI?

    Yes, you can export your Character AI character to TavernAI using a Chrome extension called CAI Tools.

  2. How do I install CAI Tools?

    You can install CAI Tools from the Chrome Web Store. Just search for "CAI Tools" and click on the "Add to Chrome" button.
  3. How do I export my Character AI character using CAI Tools?

    Open the Character AI website in Chrome after installing CAI Tools. Select the Export Character option by clicking on the CAI Tools button in your browser's toolbar. You will then be prompted by the extension to choose the character you want to export. The character will be exported as a.json file when the Export button is clicked.

  4. How do I import my Character AI character into TavernAI?

    Once you have exported your Character AI character, you can import it into TavernAI using the following steps: * Go to the TavernAI website and sign in to your account.
    * Click on the **+import** button.
    * Select the .json file that you saved from Character AI.
    * The character will be imported into TavernAI.

  5. What are the limitations of exporting Character AI characters to TavernAI?

    There are a few limitations to exporting Character AI characters to TavernAI: * The character's chat history will not be exported.
    * You may need to adjust the character's settings in TavernAI to get the best results.
    * As of today, August 18, 2023, there is no official way to export a Character AI
    character to TavernAI. The method described above is a workaround that has been used by many people without any problems.