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DALL-E 2 Banned Words: A Comprehensive Guide and Why They Matter

01 October, 2023 Admin AI


Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with our world, from enhancing our daily productivity to transforming the way we create and consume digital content. One of the most recent and remarkable advancements in this field is DALL-E 2, an impressive AI tool developed by OpenAI that can generate captivating images from text descriptions.

DALL-E 2 has been lauded for its creative prowess, it also has a list of banned words that users need to be aware of. This vital, yet often overlooked aspect of the tool exists to ensure content generated by DALL-E 2 aligns with ethical standards. By understanding the role of these banned words and why they are in place, users can engage with DALL-E 2 effectively and responsibly.

The Purpose of DALL-E 2 Banned Words

The banned words list is an essential safety mechanism to prevent the generation of harmful or offensive content. Given the potential power of DALL-E 2, it could be exploited to create troubling, harmful, or inappropriate images. These images, if misused, could contribute to the proliferation of harmful messages or incite violence and hatred. By implementing a banned words list, OpenAI aims to ensure its technology is used responsibly and ethically.

Categories of Banned Words

While the precise list of banned words is not publicly available, it is known to encompass words related to:

  dalle warning
A warning screenshot of Dalle rejected propmt.
  1. Violence: This includes terms that encourage or glorify acts of physical harm, warfare, destruction, or cruelty.
  2. Sex and nudity: Words that explicitly describe sexual acts or contain explicit nudity are prohibited.
  3. Hate speech: Any terminology related to discrimination, prejudice, or the belittling of individuals or communities based on their race, ethnicity, gender, or other protected attributes is not allowed.
  4. Drugs and alcohol: This category bans words associated with substance abuse and illegal narcotics.'
  5. Real people and brands: Use of real names or brands is restricted to prevent unintended consequences and protect privacy.
  6. Medical conditions: Certain terms related to physical and mental health matters are banned to avoid stigmatization or exploitation.
  7. Political and religious topics: This restriction helps to prevent content that may incite conflict, promote polarization, or be viewed as disrespectful to religious beliefs.

Consequences of Using Banned Words

Attempting to use a banned word when generating content with DALL-E 2 will trigger an error message. Users who continuously violate the content policy risk being banned altogether from using the platform.

  dalle-banned-words Consequences of Using Banned Words
Disactivated Dalle account screenshot

What to do if You are banned from using Dalle platform

If you are barred from using the DALL-E platform, you have a few options:
* Try to figure out why you were banned.
* Appeal your ban by Contanting Dalle Support
  dalle-banned-words Consequences of Using Banned Words
Dalle support Contact screenshot

Tips for Avoiding Banned Words

To ensure responsible use of DALL-E 2, follow these recommendations when generating content:

  1. Be mindful: Always give conscious thought to the text prompts and how they might be interpreted.
  2. Use the DALL-E 2 playground: This is a helpful resource for testing prompts and determining if they contain banned words. If a prompt violates guidelines, a warning message will be displayed.
  3. Seek clarification: If you are unsure about a particular word, either refrain from using it or seek further guidance.

The Role of Users in Upholding Ethical Use

It is crucial for users of DALL-E 2 to understand the responsibility they bear to ensure the technology is used ethically. OpenAI has made great strides in creating AI solutions that benefit humanity but relies on its users to respect and adhere to guidelines set forth to prevent misuse.

As AI technologies continue to develop and entwine themselves within our daily lives, we must prioritize ethical considerations and recognize the potential impact of our actions. By understanding the significance and implications of DALL-E 2's banned words list, users can contribute to a better and safer digital environment for everyone involved.


The DALL-E 2 banned words list acts as an essential safeguard that enables users to generate content in an ethical and responsible manner. It is vital for users to be aware of these restrictions and adhere to them to prevent the undermining of the tool's intended purpose. Should there be any uncertainty surrounding a potentially banned word, it is always best to err on the side of caution and refrain from using it. By doing so, we can ensure that technologies like DALL-E 2 are harnessed to their full potential for creating a brighter and more creative future.


  1. What are DALL-E 2 banned words?

    DALL-E 2 is an incredibly potent AI instrument capable of producing images based on textual descriptions provided by users. To ensure the ethical use of this tool and avoid the generation of harmful or offensive content, there is a set of restricted terms that you cannot use in your prompts. While the specific compilation of prohibited terms is not disclosed, it is important to note that the restrictions encompass words associated with violence, sexually explicit content, hate speech, drugs and alcohol, identifiable individuals and brands, medical conditions, as well as politically and religiously sensitive topics.

  2. Why are DALL-E 2 banned words necessary?

    DALL-E 2 could be used to generate pictures of violence, hate speech, or other harmful content. This content could then be exploited to spread risky messages or promote violence. The banned words are required to prevent this from occuring.
  3. What happens if I use a banned word in my DALL-E 2 prompt? If you try to generate images with a banned word, DALL-E 2 will display you an error warning. Users who continuously violate the content guideline may be blocked from using DALL-E 2 completely.
  4. How can I avoid using banned words in my DALL-E 2 prompts?

    The best way to avoid using banned words is to be aware of the words that you write. If you are unsure whether a word is banned, it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid from using it. You can also test your prompts on the DALL-E 2 playground before generating images. If you use a banned word in your prompt, the playground will show a warning notification.

  5. How can I get access to DALL-E 3 ?

    To get access to DALL-E 3 Model, you will have to sign up for the waitlist. Dalle 3 vs MidJourney

  6. Can I still generate NSFW content with DALL-E 3?

    Yes, By utilising hacks or workarounds, DALL-E 3 can produce NSFW content. However, doing this is against the OpenAI terms of service, and if you are caught doing it, your account may be suspended or banned.