Character ai voice text to speech
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Character ai voice text to speech

In the past, creating real, intriguing character voices required a lot of time and money. The process of finding, recording, and editing voice actors took a long time. This is no longer true with the advent of AI-powered text-to-speech technologies.

Character AI Voice Text to Speech: The Future of Character Creation

With just a few clicks, AI voice text to speech can now create expressive and lifelike character voices. Although this technology is still in its infancy, it has the power to completely alter the process of creating characters.
There are numerous platforms for AI voice text to speech, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, PlayHT and Typecast concentrate on producing expressive and realistic voices that may be utilised for a range of media, including audiobooks, video games, and cartoons. Other websites, such FakeYou and Uberduck, concentrate on creating sounds that resemble particular personalities, like cartoon or celebrity personas.

Learn how to give your Character AI a voice

A great text-based conversational AI platform is character AI. You might not be aware that it has a text-to-speech capability, similar to other apps you may have encountered, that lets you give your character a voice.

You can currently choose from more than 20 English-speaking voices in Character AI and apply them to your character. Unfortunately, there is no way to alter the voice of a character already created by another user.

Why use a Character AI voice?

Your character's voice gives the chat experience a new dimension. It improves immersion and makes it simpler to follow lengthy conversations. You don't have to read lengthy messages; you can just listen to them.

Setting up a voice for your Character AI

 Character ai home
Character AI Home

Setting up a voice for your custom Character AI bot is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the character creation/editor screen by creating a character or editing an existing one.
  2. Select "edit details (advanced)".
     Character ai create

  3. Choose a voice from the dropdown menu and sample each voice by pressing the blue play button.
     Character ai create

  4. To enable your character's voice during a conversation, click the stacked dots at the top right and select "Enable Character Voice".
     Character ai create

Let's put what we've learned about choosing a voice for our character into practise.

Best Character AI Voices

In addition to English, there are 16 other languages available for text-to-speech. Here's a list of English voices ranked by quality:

Character AI Voice Quality Description
Davis 5 Mature Man
Good Female Voice 5 Natural Female
Ryan 4 British Accent Male
Sonia 4 British Accent Female
Tony (friendly) 4 Casual Male
Anime Girl 3 Young Female
Barbara 3 Mature Female
Chippy 3 High Pitched
Davis (deep) 3 Low Pitch Male
Default 3 Casual Female
God 3 Low Pitch Male
Guy 3 Casual Male
Jane 3 Nerdy Female
Jenny (shouting) 3 Slow And Loud
Jenny (terrified) 3 Shaky And Scared
Sara 3 Female Natural
Tony (angry) 3 Nasally Male
Are you feeling ok? 2 Monotone Female
Jenny 2 Female Female
Narration (f) 2 Formal Female
Narration (m) 2 Formal Male

Table: Ranking of Character AI Voices by Quality
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Character AI speech-to-text feature

Additionally, Character AI has a speech-to-text function that lets you speak into your device's microphone and converts what you say into text. On some devices and browsers, such as Safari on the iPhone, this capability can be used, however it might not always work as expected.

Using custom character voices

Character AI does not allow you to create your own custom voices, but you can utilise third-party text-to-speech programmes like and You can use these tools to copy and paste your Character AI text chat and add a top-notch voiceover. Additionally, you may further improve your material by using video, music, and subtitles using editing tools like


Your interactions can be improved and talks can become more interesting by adding a character voice to your Character AI experience. Explore the numerous voices, pick the one that best fits your character, and take advantage of Character AI's text-to-speech feature for an improved conversational experience.

The development of character AI voices in text-to-speech synthesis is exciting. Character AI voices have the potential to improve storytelling, raise brand identity, create engaging virtual assistants, and aid in language learning thanks to their ability to infuse synthesised voices with personality and emotions. As technology advances, we may expect character AI voices to become ever more sophisticated, revolutionising the way we interact with synthesised speech and opening up new avenues for creativity and communication.


Here are five commonly asked questions (FAQs) about voice text to speech that are seen on Google.

  1. How many voices are available in
    More than 20 English-speaking voices are currently accessible on These voices come in a variety of accents and characteristics and are all produced by artificial intelligence.
  2. Can I change the voice of my character?
    Yes, you have complete control over your character's voice. Simply select a new voice under the "Voice" tab in the settings to accomplish this.
  3. How do I make my character's voice sound more realistic?
    There are a few things you can do to improve the voice of your character. To begin with, make sure the text you give is precise and short.This will assist the AI in producing a voice that is simple to comprehend. The voice's pitch, tone, and pace are just a few parameters that you can experiment with. This can aid in giving your voice a more natural sound.
  4. Is free to use?
    The first 100 characters of can be used without charge. You will then need to sign up for a plan. Three distinct packages are offered, with monthly prices beginning at $5.
  5. What are the limitations of voice text to speech?
    Because voice text to speech is still in its early stages, it has several limitations. For example, the voices aren't always great, and they can seem robotic at times. Furthermore, the software is not yet capable of generating voices in all languages.