Character AI Group Chat

How to Create a Character AI Group Chat

05 August, 2023 Admin AI

A chatbot platform called Character AI enables users to build and communicate with AI-generated characters. To produce responses that are human-like and realistic, the platform leverages a neural language model. U sers can converse with one character at a time using Character AI, though.

We will go over how to utilise Character AI to construct group conversations in this blog post. We'll take you step-by-step through the procedure and offer some advice for building a useful bot.

You will need to use a third-party service if you want to make a group chat with several Character AI characters. You can utilise a few different programmes, but Character AI Chatroom is one of the most often used.

Users can create and manage group discussions with various Character AI characters using the free programme known as Character AI Chatroom. The tool is simple to use and works with every Character AI character.

How To create a Character AI group chat using Character AI Chatroom

  1. Go to the Character AI Chatroom website and create an account. Go to https://characterai.chatroom/ and click the "Create Account" button.
    Create a password and enter your email address.
    Click the "Create Account" button once again.
    Character AI Chatroom will send you an email. To validate your account, click on the link in the email.
  2. Once you have created an account, you will be able to create a new chatroom.
      Character AI Group Chat
    You will be able to access Character AI Chatroom once your account has been authenticated.
    Select the "Create Chatroom" option.
    Give your chatroom a name and choose a topic.
    You can also give your chatroom a description.
    Click the "Create Chatroom" button once more.

  3. Go to Character ai setting
      Character AI Group Chat

    You must pick the characters you want to ad d to the chatroom in the chatroom settings. You have the option of selecting up to ten characters.
    You may also give the chatroom a title and a description.
  4. You can invite other users to join the chatroom after you've made it. Your chatroom has now been established! You can begin interacting with the characters.
  5. The talk will begin once the characters have given their bios; simply click the play button in the lower right corner to initiate it.
      Character AI Group Chat
    Character ai group chat


In Conclusion, Using Character AI Chatroom to create a Character AI group conversation is a simple and uncomplicated process. By following the procedures given in this blog post, you may start a group chat with up to 10 characters that can hold useful and fascinating talks. With a little imagination, you can utilise Character AI Chatroom to build a productive and enjoyable group discussion.


  1. What is Character AI Chatroom?

    Character AI Chatroom is a free programme that allows users to establish and manage group chats with several Character AI characters. The programme is simple to use and works with all characters on Character AI.

  2. How do I create a Character AI group chat using Character AI Chatroom?

    A: To create a Character AI group chat using Character AI Chatroom, you will need to follow those steps above

  3. How many characters can I add to a Character AI group chat?

    A:A Character AI group conversation can have up to ten characters.

  4. What are some tips for creating a successful Character AI group chat?

    A: * Select characters with comparable interests. This will ensure that the characters have something to discuss.
    * Create a chatroom topic. This will aid in keeping the discourse on track.
    * Be considerate with the characters. Keep in mind that they are generated by AI, but they are still people.
    * Have a good time! Character AI group discussions may be a lot of fun, so sit back and relax.

  5. What are some limitations of Character AI Chatroom?

    Because Character AI Chatroom is a free tool, there are some limits. You can, for example, only create one chatroom at a time and invite up to ten users to join it. Furthermore, because Character AI Chatroom is still in development, there may be some flaws or anomalies.