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My name is Simon and I love creating and improving systems. As a fullstack developer working in the tech industry, I'm fascinated by AI and always striving to learn more about it and creating and improving systems powered by AI.. I also value privacy, particularly within Web 2 ad 3, and work towards maintaining it. In my free time, I explore the ever-evolving world of technology.

 Bard   Gemini context window

What is Google Gemini Context Window?

13 Feb, 2024 Simon AI

Curious about how Google Gemini "remembers" your conversations? Explore the context window, a key to AI dialogue. ** What is it?** Think temporary memory for Gemini, storing past chats...

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 types of gemini

Three Types of Google Gemini AI

07 Feb, 2024 Simon AI

Today, we're going to expose the secrets of these three types, revealing their strengths, weaknesses, and ideal use cases......

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Google Gemini Pro in action real world use cases

06 Feb, 2024 Simon AI

Imagine an AI assistant so powerful it can handle complex tasks, generate creative content, and answer your questions with uncanny accuracy. .....

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 Gemini vs Chatgpt

Why Google Gemini Pro is Better than ChatGPT: A Comprehensive Analysis

05 Feb, 2024 Simon AI

This blog delves into the reasons why Gemini Pro is a more versatile and effective tool than ChatGPT, .....

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ythomax 13b: The new LLM Leader Rising in Roleplaying

Nous Hermes 70b LLM Supercharges IQChat

17 Jan, 2024 Simon AI

The future of communication is here, and it's powered by Nous Hermes 70b and IQChat. Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your words.

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Spicy chat ai character template

ReMM SLERP 13B Takes IQChat App to the Next Level

15 Jan, 2024 Simon AI

This model combines incredible creativity with a bold and daring approach to language generation,....

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  Editpad AI Poem Generator Write
Updated 09 Jan, 2024 Simon

Can Editpad AI Poem Generator Write Better Poems Than ChatGPT?

We are living in the modern era...right? Nowadays, no one devotes time and effort to manually writing poems.

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  Top LLMs
Updated 27 Dec, 2023 Simon AI

Top Large Language Models in 2024

This guide is all about demystifying the top LLMs of the year and providing you with a user-friendly roadmap to utilizing these powerful platforms.

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 How to role play with Gemini Pro AI
21 Dec, 2023 Simon AI

How to role play with Gemini Pro AI

Are you ready to unlock the next level of creative expression and engaging conversations? Welcome to the era of Gemini Pro AI on IQCHAT, the.........

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22 Dec, 2023 Simon AI

Google Gemini Pro vs GPT-4 Pricing comparison

Google's Gemini Pro and OpenAI's ChatGPT are locked in a fierce duel for language dominance, and budget might......

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