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Bing Image Creator taking forever? Here's what to do

05 October, 2023 Admin AI

Have you ever tried to use Bing Image Creator but found it taking forever? You're not alone. The Bing Image Creator is a powerful tool that enables you to produce images based on text descriptions. However, some users have experienced slow processing times, especially with complex prompts. In this article, we'll explore the possible causes of this issue and provide handy tips for working around it to make your experience with the Bing Image Creator more satisfying.
 Bing Image Creator taking too long

Why is the Bing Image Creator taking so long?

There could be several reasons why the Bing Image Creator might be sluggish:

  1. High demand: As a new and popular feature, the Bing Image Creator currently faces an overwhelming demand. This could result in a queue of users, leading to longer waiting times for image generation.
  2. Complex prompts: The intricacy of your prompt could also be a contributing factor. Prompts involving numerous objects, scenes, or actions generally take longer to process than simpler ones.
  3. Or Maybe Technical issues: Occasional technical glitches could also cause delays in the Bing Image Creator.

 Bing Image Creator taking too long
A screenshot of Bing Image creator taking too long

How to overcome slow processing times:

If you're encountering slow processing times, try the following suggestions:

  1. Try again later: Since the Bing Image Creator's traffic might vary throughout the day, you might have better success at a different time.
  2. Simplify your prompt:If your current prompt isn't yielding desired results, consider making it simpler by eliminating unnecessary details or instructions.
  3. Experiment with different prompts: Some image types might be easier for Bing Image Creator to generate. Don't hesitate to try out various prompts if you're having trouble.
  4. Report the issue to Bing: If you're consistently experiencing slow processing times, reporting it to Bing can help them identify and resolve the problem.

Microsoft is aware of the performance concerns and is working diligently to enhance the Bing Image Creator's service. In the meantime, a little patience goes a long way.

Tips for optimizing your Bing Image Creator experience:

To make the most of Bing Image Creator, consider the following tips:

  1. Be specific with your prompts: The more precise you are, the better Bing Image Creator will comprehend your requirements.
  2. keywords: To generate images, Bing Image Creator relies on keywords. Ensure your prompts include relevant ones.
  3. Avoid negative language: Bing Image Creator tends to generate images more effectively from positive prompts.
  4. Experiment with varying prompts: There's no universal approach to utilizing the Bing Image Creator, so feel free to explore different prompts until you achieve satisfactory results.


By exercising patience and experimenting with your prompts, you can take full advantage of the Bing Image Creator's capabilities for generating stunning images from text descriptions. So, don't let a little slowness get in your way of creating fantastic imagery!


  1. Why is the Bing Image Creator taking so long to generate images?

    There are a few reasons why the Bing Image Creator might be taking a long time to generate images: High demand: The Bing Image Creator is a popular new feature and also Complex prompts: The more complex your prompt is, the longer it will take the Bing Image Creator to generate an image.

  2. What can I do if the Bing Image Creator is taking too long?

    you can try: Try again later: The Bing Image Creator may be less busy at different times of the day. If you are not in a hurry, try generating your images at a different time.
    Simplify your prompt: If you are not getting the results you want with your current prompt, try simplifying it. Remove any unnecessary details or instructions.
    Try a different prompt: If you are still having trouble, try generating a different image. The Bing Image Creator may be better at generating some types of images than others.
  3. Can I save my Bing Image creations to my computer? Yes, you can save your Bing Image creations to a cloud storage service, such as OneDrive or Google Drive
  4. Who can see my Bing Image creations?

    By default, your Bing Image creations are private. However, you can choose to make them public by sharing them on social media or other websites.

  5. What is expanding an image?

    Similar to extending a image, expanding an image involves enlarging the image, changing its composition, or adding additional parts.

  6. Can I use DALL-E to generate photorealistic images of fiction or   fantastic in DALL-E?

     Yes, DALL-E can generate photorealistic images of imaginative or fantastical scenes. You can for example, get an image of a city on another planet or a dragon flying over a mountain range.

  7. Will Microsoft ever allow users to individually delete Bing Image creations?

    Yes, Microsoft has stated that they are working on a way to allow users to individually delete Bing Image creations. However, there is no estimated release date for this feature.

  8. What happens to my Bing Image creations when I delete my Microsoft account?

    When you delete your Microsoft account, all of your Bing Image creations will be deleted permanently.