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Bing Image Creator Content Warnings and Banned Words

06 October, 2023 Admin AI


Bing Image Creator, Microsoft's AI-driven tool, is revolutionizing the way we generate images simply by utilizing text descriptions. Despite the convenience and creativity this innovative tool brings, users must remain aware of certain content warnings and banned words to ensure a safe and responsible experience. This comprehensive guide will explore content warnings, banned words, and steps to avoid using banned prompts when creating images with Bing Image Creator.

Content Warnings

It is crucial to understand that Bing Image Creator is not designed to generate images that consist of unsafe, harmful, or illegal content. Examples include images containing violence, hate speech, sexually explicit or suggestive content, and misinformation or disinformation. However, the tool may inadvertently generate such content, even if users adhere to the stipulated content guidelines. Consequently, if you come across an image generated by Bing Image Creator that violates these guidelines, it is essential to report it to Microsoft promptly.

Banned Words

As part of its content management system, Bing Image Creator maintains a list of banned words for which it will not generate images. These words typically have associations with violence, hate speech, sexually explicit or suggestive content, and other forms of harmful content. Users attempting to generate an image using one of these words will receive a message explaining why the prompt is blocked.

Bing Image creator Blocked prompts

Bing Image Creator does not publish a list of blocked prompts, However we have tested various prompts and prepared a list of rejected prompts as well as users have reported prompts, the following types of prompts are often blocked by Bing Image creator

 Bing blocked prompts

    1. XXX
    2. Bondage
    3. Bdsm
    4. Dog collar
    5. Slavegirl
    6. Transparent and Translucent
    7. Banned: Body Parts Words
    8. Arse
    9. Labia
    10. Ass
    11. Mammaries
    12. Human centipede
    13. Badonkers
    14. Minge (Slang for vag)
    15. Massive chests
    16. Big Ass
    17. Mommy Milker (milker or mommy is fine)
    18. Booba
    19. Nipple
    20. Booty
    21. Oppai (Japanese word for breasts)
    22. Bosom
    23. Organs
    24. Breasts
    25. Ovaries
    26. Busty
    27. Penis
    28. Clunge (British slang for vagina)
    29. Phallus
    30. Crotch
    31. sexy female
    32. Dick (as in Moby-Dick)
    33. Skimpy
    34. Girth
    35. Thick
    36. Honkers
    37. Vagina
    38. Hooters
    39. Veiny
    40. Knob
    41. Banned: Clothing Words
    42. no clothes
    43. Speedo
    44. au naturale
    45. no shirt
    46. bare chest
    47. nude
    48. barely dressed
    49. bra
    50. risqué
    51. clear
    52. scantily
    53. clad
    54. cleavage
    55. stripped
    56. full frontal unclothed
    57. wearing nothing
    58. lingerie with no shirt
    59. naked
    60. without clothes on
    61. negligee
    62. zero clothes
    63. Banned: Taboo Words
    64. Fascist
    65. Nazi
    66. Prophet Mohammed
    67. Banned: Drugs Words
    68. Drugs
    69. Torture
    70. Disturbing
    71. Farts, Fart
    72. Poop
    73. Warts
    74. Xi Jinping
    75. Shit
    76. Pleasure
    77. Errect
    78. Also check Bing AI nsfw workarounds

    79. Big Black
    80. Brown pudding
    81. Bunghole
    82. Vomit
    83. Voluptuous
    84. Seductive
    85. Sperm
    86. Hot
    87. Sexy
    88. Sensored
    89. Censored
    90. Silenced
    91. Deepfake
    92. Inappropriate
    93. Pus
    94. Waifu
    95. mp5
    96. Succubus
    97. 1488
    98. Surgery
    99. Cocaine
    100. Heroin
    101. Meth
    102. Bloodbath
    103. Crucifixion
    104. Bloody
    105. Flesh
    106. Bruises
    107. Car crash
    108. Corpse
    109. Crucified
    110. Cutting
    111. Decapitate
    112. Infested
    113. Gruesome
    114. Kill (as in Kill la Kill)
    115. Infected
    116. Sadist
    117. Slaughter
    118. Teratoma
    119. Tryphophobia
    120. Wound
    121. Cronenberg
    122. Khorne
    123. Cannibal
    124. Cannibalism
    125. Visceral
    126. Guts
    127. Bloodshot
    128. Gory
    129. Killing
    130. Surgery
    131. Vivisection
    132. Massacre
    133. Hemoglobin
    134. Suicide
    135. Female Body Parts
    136. Banned: Adult Words
    137. ahegao
    138. pinup
    139. ballgag
    140. Playboy
    141. Bimbo
    142. pleasure
    143. bodily fluids
    144. pleasures
    145. boudoir
    146. rule34
    147. brothel
    148. seducing
    149. dominatrix
    150. seductive
    151. erotic seductive
    152. fuck
    153. sensual
    154. Hardcore
    155. sexy
    156. Hentai
    157. Shag
    158. horny
    159. shibari (bondage in japanese)
    160. incest
    161. Smut
    162. jav
    163. succubus
    164. Jerk off king at pic
    165. thot
    166. kinbaku (bondage in japanese)
    167. transparent
    168. legs spread
    169. twerk
    170. making love
    171. voluptuous
    172. naughty
    173. wincest
    174. orgy
    175. Sultry
    176. XXX

Tips to Avoid Banned Prompts

  1. Be specific: When creating prompts, provide a comprehensive description of the image you wish to generate.
  2. Choose keywords carefully: Refrain from using words associated with unsafe, harmful, or illegal content in your prompts.
  3. Respect copyrights and trademarks: Avoid generating images with copyrighted or trademarked content without prior permission.
  4. Set realistic expectations: As Bing Image Creator is continuously evolving, it may not always generate images for all prompts submitted.
  5. Test prompts: If you are uncertain about a prompt's appropriateness, submit it to Bing Image Creator. In case the prompt is blocked, the system will provide an explanation.


By offering endless creative possibilities, Bing Image Creator is transforming the way we generate images from simple text descriptions. To maintain a safe and responsible experience, understanding and adhering to content warnings and banned words are crucial. By following these guidelines and using the tips provided, you can help ensure that Bing Image Creator is used for generating responsible and innovative content.


  1. What is Bing Image Creator?

    Bing Image Creator is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate images from text descriptions. It is still under development, but it has the potential to be a powerful tool for creative professionals and hobbyists alike.

  2. What are the content warnings for Bing Image Creator?

    Bing Image Creator is not designed to generate images that are unsafe, harmful, or illegal. This includes images that depict violence, hate speech, sexually suggestive or explicit content, misinformation, or disinformation. Users should be aware that the tool may still generate such images, even if they follow the content guidelines.
  3. What are the banned words for Bing Image Creator? Best practices of using Dall-E 3 to generate stunning image is to use descriptive language, trying different filters and art style, and even being as specific as possible in your text prompts.
  4. How do I avoid blocked prompts?

    Just Avoid using keywords that are associated with unsafe, harmful, or illegal content. and also Avoid using copyrighted or trademarked images without permission.

  5. How do I find out if a word is banned?

    If you are unsure whether a word is banned, you can always try submitting it to Bing Image Creator. If the prompt is blocked, you will receive a message explaining why the prompt is blocked.

  6. Why does Bing Image Creator have banned words?

    Bing Image Creator has banned words to prevent users from generating images that are unsafe, harmful, or illegal. The tool is designed to be used for creative and positive purposes, and Microsoft does not want it to be used to generate harmful content.

  7. What to do if banned from bing image creator?

    If you are banned from Bing Image Creator, the first thing you should do is review the content guidelines and banned words. If you violated any of the guidelines, you can try to avoid doing so in the future.
    If you believe that you were banned in error, you can appeal the ban by contacting Microsoft support. You will need to provide an explanation of why you believe the ban was wrong and what steps you have taken to avoid violating the guidelines in the future.

  8. What are some examples of blocked prompts?

    Violence: murder, assault, killing, war, terrorism Hate speech: racial slurs, homophobic slurs, sexist slurs, religious slurs Sexually suggestive or explicit content: nudity, pornography, sexual acts Misinformation and disinformation: false claims, conspiracy theories, propaganda