Bing Image Creator art styles

Bing Image Creator art styles: A guide to generating creative and unique images

05 October, 2023 Admin AI


Artificial Intelligence has made significant advancements over the past few years, and one of the most exciting progressions has been in the field of AI-generated art. One such tool is Bing Image Creator, an AI-powered tool that creates a wide variety of images in various art styles from text prompts. Although still under development, Bing Image Creator is gaining traction among designers, artists, and creative professionals for its powerful capabilities.

In this blog post, we delve into the different art styles you can explore with Bing Image Creator and offer practical tips on crafting unique and eye-catching images using this AI-powered tool.

Exploring Bing Image Creator Art Styles

Aside from generating images in the default photography style, Bing Image Creator can produce visuals in an array of art styles, catering to diverse preferences:

  1. Art: This style generates imaginative and creative images that appear as if created by a concept artist.

      Bing Image Creator art style
    Art style generated image
  2. Japanese Anime:This style creates images with a Japanese anime flair, characterized by distinct facial features and stylization.
      Bing Image Creator anime art style
    Japanese Anime style generated image
  3. Cartoon: This style generates images resembling cartoon illustrations, with exaggerated expressions and simplified features.
      Bing Image Creator cartoon art style
    Cartoon style generated image
  4. 3D: This style produces images with a realistic sense of depth and perspective, as if rendered in 3D.
      Bing Image Creator 3D art style
    3D style generated image
  5. Watercolor: This style generates images resembling watercolor paintings with subtle color blends and brushwork.
      Bing Image Creator Water art style
    Cartoon style generated image
  6. Oil Painting: This style produces images with the rich textures, bold colors, and intricate brushstrokes of oil paintings.
      Bing Image Creator oil painting art style
    oil painting style generated image
  7. Acrylic Painting: This style generates images with the vibrant colors, and versatility of acrylic paint artworks.
      Bing Image Creator Acrylic painting art style
    Acrylic painting style generated image
  8. Pastel: This style produces images with the soft hues and smooth textures of pastel drawings.
      Bing Image Creator   Pastel art style
    Pastel style generated image
  9. Sketch: This style generates monochromatic images as if sketched with a pencil or charcoal.
      Bing Image Creator   Sketch art style
    Sketch style generated image
  10. Abstract: This style generates non-representational images focusing on color, shape, and line.
      Bing Image Creator   Abstract art style
    Abstract style generated image

Crafting Unique and Creative Images with Bing Image Creator: Tips and Tricks

Make the most of Bing Image Creator by following these practical tips for generating creative and original images:

  1. Be specific with your prompts: To garner better results, provide specific details in your prompts. Instead of using "a dog," opt for "a golden retriever playing with a red ball."
  2. descriptive language: Bing Image Creator can process a range of descriptive language, enabling you to create visuals with added depth. For instance, instead of using "a sad woman," input "a woman with teary eyes and a wilted rose in her hand."
  3. Mix and match styles: Combine different art styles within your prompts to create innovative and captivating images. For example, try inputting "a futuristic cityscape in an oil painting and sketch style."
  4. Get experimental: The key to mastering Bing Image Creator is experimentation. Play around with various prompts and styles to discover the possibilities that lie within the AI tool.


Bing Image Creator is a revolutionary AI tool that allows artists, designers, and creative professionals to generate stunning and unique images in a variety of art styles. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can harness Bing Image Creator's capabilities to craft creative images that captivate and inspire. So, go ahead and explore your artistic side with Bing Image Creator; the sky is the limit!


  1. What is Bing Image Creator?

    Bing Image Creator is an AI-powered tool that can generate images from text prompts. It is still under development, but it is already capable of generating a wide variety of images in a variety of styles.

  2. How do I use Bing Image Creator?

    To use Bing Image Creator, simply go to the Bing Image Creator website and type in a text prompt. Then, click the "Create" button to generate an image.
  3. What art styles can I use with Bing Image Creator? Bing Image Creator can generate images in a variety of art styles, including: Photography
    Concept Art
    Japanese Anime
    Oil Painting
    Acrylic Painting
  4. Can I combine different art styles in my prompt?

    Yes you can combine different art styles in single prompt. For example, try prompting with "A robot in a Japanese anime sketch style."

  5. How can I create creative and unique images with Bing Image Creator?

    Do this to creating creative and unique images with Bing Image Creator: Be specific in your prompts. Use descriptive language. Combine different styles. Experiment.

  6. How do i create my own art style?

    Users cannot currently     develop their own art styles in Bing Image Creator. However, there are a few workarounds you can use to create your own own style.
     by using  existing styles is one way of creating your own style. For example, you might mix the "photography" and "sketch" styles to create a realistic image with a sketchy appearance. You can also combine the "Japanese anime" and "watercolour" styles to get a cartoon-like image with a supple watercolour quality.

  7. What is expanding an image?

    Similar to extending a image, expanding an image involves enlarging the image, changing its composition, or adding additional parts.

  8. Is Bing Image Creator free to use?

    Yes Bing Image Creator is free to use. but, every person has a limit to the number of images that you can generate per day. If you need to generate more images, you can purchase additional boosts.

  9. How is DALL-E 3 integrated with Bing Creator?

    DALL-E 3 is integrated with Bing Creator via the Bing Image Creator tool. It   allows users to generate images from text prompts       using DALL-E 3.

  10. Can I still generate NSFW content with DALL-E 3?

    Yes, By utilising hacks or workarounds, DALL-E 3 can produce NSFW content. but remember that doing this is against the OpenAI tos, and if you are caught doing it, your account may be suspended or banned or even worse scenario.

  11. How do I use Bing Image Creator to generate images with DALL-E 3?

    Just type in a   prompt in the Bing Image Creator website to generate images with DALL-E 3 via Bing Image Creator. Then   click  "Create" button to start generating an image.