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Automatic1111 Outpainting Guide

30 September, 2023 Admin AI


Automatic1111 (A1111) is a popular open-source graphical user interface (GUI) used for Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image diffusion model. With its outpainting capabilities, A1111 allows you to extend any image beyond its original boundaries, unlocking endless possibilities for creating stunning visuals.

This comprehensive tutorial will bring you through the whole process of outpainting with A1111, from installation to useful hints for getting the best effects.

Installing Automatic1111 and ControlNet

To get started with outpainting using A1111, you'll first need to install the following components:

  1. Automatic1111
  2. ControlNet (optional, but recommended for enhanced results)

Once you have installed both A1111 and ControlNet (if desired), you'll be all set to explore outpainting and create awe-inspiring images.

Outpainting Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you've installed the necessary components, it's time to dive into the actual outpainting process:

Now that you've installed the necessary components, it's time to dive into the actual outpainting process step by step:

  1. Launch the A1111 software and load the image you wish to outpaint, such as a landscape or a room layout. This can typically be done through a "File" or "Open" menu item or by simply dragging the image onto the program's interface.
    A1111 screenshot
  2. Navigate to the "Outpainting" tab in the software. This tab should contain the specific tools, settings, and parameters necessary for outpainting your image. If it's not immediately apparent, check the program's documentation or online resources for assistance.
    A1111 screenshot
  3. Select the direction or area in which you want to outpaint the image. Most programs will allow y ou to easily choose or define the area of the image that you'd like to extend or modify. For example, you may want to expand the sky in a landscape or add more space to the left side of a room.
    A1111 screenshot
  4. (Optional) Enter a custom prompt or description to guide the outpainting process. This step can help yield more accurate and tailored results, as the software will use this information to generate a more contextually appropriate outpainting. For example, you could enter "expand the clouds and blue sky" in the case of a landscape, or "add more furniture to the left of the room" for a room layout.
    A1111 screenshot
  5. Click on the "Generate" button to start the outpainting process. This may take a few moments, depending on the image size and complexity. Once finished, the software will display the newly outpainted image or allow you to compare and contrast with the original.
    A1111 screenshot
  6. Save, share, or manipulate your outpainted image as desired. From here, you can save the image in a variety of formats, share it with others, or continue to use the software's other features to further edit and enhance your image.
    A1111 Results screenshot

Remember that outpainting results may vary depending on the complexity of the image, the chosen direction, and the software used. Experiment with different settings and prompts to achieve the desired effect and make the most of the outpainting process.

Automatic1111 will then generate multiple outpainted images for you to choose from. Once you find the one that best suits your vision, simply save it and begin sharing or using your new masterpiece.

Tips for Improving Outpainting Results

To improve the quality and impact of your outpainting creations, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Use a high-resolution image as your input to ensure vividness and clarity.
  2. Create specific and descriptive prompts to guide the outpainting process.
  3. Experiment with various outpainting settings, such as denoising strength and the number of generations.
  4. If using ControlNet, try different ControlNet weights for optimal results.

Here's an example of a helpful prompt you could use for outpainting:


Prompt: "A beautiful landscape with a river running through it and amazing mountains in the background."

An image generated by this propmt

Such a prompt will direct A1111 to generate an outpainted image that expands the original visual to include the newly described river and backdrop. In essence, it breathes new life into the initial artwork.

Creating Original Images from Scratch

A1111's outpainting capabilities can also be harnessed to create entirely new images from scratch. To do this, you'll need to enter a prompt without choosing an input image. For example, using this prompt will generate an original image of a cat:

"A white fluffy cat sits on a crimson pillow.."

Additional Tips for Outpainting with A1111

As a result, A1111's outpainting functionality allows for artistic expression and creativity.

  1. Use a variety of prompts to ensure you receive diverse results, allowing you to choose from multiple options for your final selection.
  2. Experiment with different outpainting settings. There's no universal approach to outpainting, so what works for one image may not be best for another.
  3. Be patient. Outpainting can be time-consuming, particularly with larger images or complex prompts. However, the results are typically well worth the wait.

For More Outpainting Inspiration

If you're seeking inspiration, there are numerous examples of A1111 outpainting creations available online. These can be found on social media platforms, art websites, or even within scientific publications, enabling you to see what others have accomplished using the tool.

Final Thoughts

Automatic1111's unique outpainting features make it an excellent tool for making visually interesting images. As you gain experience, you will be able to master the skill of outpainting and produce unique works of art that showcase your creativity.

Whether you prefer to share your creations online or print them for personal use in your home or workplace, outpainting is a terrific way to express your artistic vision and bring breathtaking imagery to life. So dig in, explore, and experience the endless potential of Automatic1111's outpainting features.


  1. What is Automatic1111 outpainting?

    To use Automatic1111 outpainting, you must first install the following: Automatic1111 ControlNet (optional, but recommended for better outcomes)

  2. What do I need to use Automatic1111 outpainting?

    To use Automatic1111 outpainting, you must first install the following: Automatic1111 ControlNet (optional, but recommended for better outcomes)
  3. How do I use Automatic1111 outpainting? To outpaint with A1111, follow those steps listed above in this blog:
  4. How can I get better outpainting results?

    To achieve better outpainting effects, try: As input, use a high-resolution photograph. and Make use of a precise and descriptive prompt.

  5. What Automatic1111 Poor Man's Outpainting?

    Outpainting without a ControlNet model is a technique that allows you to outpaint an image using Automatic1111. This is a less expensive solution for customers who do not have access to a ControlNet model or do not want to invest the time and resources required to train one.

  6. What is Automatic1111 Outpainting mk2??

    Outpainting mk2 is a technique that lets you outpaint an image with Automatic1111 and a ControlNet model. This method produces more realistic and detailed results than Poor Man's Outpainting, but it necessitates the use of a ControlNet model and can be more time-consuming and resource-intensive.

  7. What are the key differences between Midjourney and Automatic1111?

    The main differences between Midjourney and Automatic1111 are as follow:

    Feature Comparison: Midjourney vs Automatic1111

    Feature Midjourney Automatic1111
    Cost Paid Free and open-source
    Access Closed beta Open to all
    Image quality Generally better Generally lower, but can be improved with careful tuning
    Features Fewer features, but more user-friendly More features, but more complex to use